We are proudly present ourselves as leading supplier and manufacturer of additives for Oil, Foundry & waterproofing industries.


Our specialty is to locate unique resources all around the world and blend them into additives using our own technology to steadily meet clients’ needs in each sector.


With the help of our own production facility in Shandong-China (Crude Oil Producing Province) and our team of experts in commerce in our offices in Murcia-Spain (the Cradle of Trading in the former Spanish Empire), we have been able to support our customers in different types of industries in Europe, South America, Middle East and China through the years.


Atlas Elements is focused on Bituminous based additives including exclusive mining operation of Natural Bitumen in Uzbekistan and formulation of Oxidized Bitumen, Emulsified Asphalt and Sulfonated Asphalt at Atlas Elements China factory.