Bituminous Membranes

The production of bituminous membranes on waterproofing systems is a large industry around the globe with many different fabrication processes. The final production is to have multiple bitumen layers all-superimposed upwards between each other to drain the water to the sides which will eventually connect to the roof drainage system installed in the edges of the building.


Using Natural Asphalt as filler within the membrane composition will immediately result in reaction of the Natural Asphalt with base material of the bitumen within the membrane; eventually increasing the shear strength and waterproofing effects of the final produced membrane. In this application, the Ash Content of Natural Bitumen can exceed to 25%, therefore Natural Bitumen Price will be economical comparing to other mineral fillers such as limestone, while it has superior characteristics.


It is essential to mix the Natural Bitumen at the right temperature with the base materials in order to receive the optimized composition which in most procedures is from 160-180 and the Natural Bitumen softening point must match the same interval.


Atlas Elements supplies worldwide various Natural bitumen grades under the brand of Atlas while it guarantees the aspects of quality for each shipment. In order to optimize and to achieve the best results during its application, we supply a Natural Bitumen with the exact suitable Softening Point interval (160-180) while the meltable packages can be put directly into the mix – melting as a stabilizer – avoiding any HSE headaches for the users.