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Natural Bitumen

Taking into account the special characteristics of natural bitumen, it can be used as an additive for the paving and waterproofing industries in the following three applications:


  • Asphalt binder additive
  • Bituminous membrane filling
  • Bitumen mix


While the advantages of natural asphalt modification are numerous with bitumen, the basic concept is based on the natural essence of bituminous colloidal material within this unique mineral.


Increasing the temperature of the hot mix to the temperature of the Natural Asphalt softening point,
the bitumen material inside the Natural asphalt will chemically bond with the bitumen material insidethe other bituminous materials used as raw material.



With the correct formulation, it is possible to achieve higher specifications while retaining a competitive economic advantage at the same time.


The possible results have been tested and tested in the following aspects:


  • Perfect binding conditions
  • Pavement thickness reduction
  • Increase in the life of asphalt
  • Possibility of doing SBS or economically combined qualifications